Thanks for your interest in guest-posting for Homemakers In Action. I’m always interested in receiving posts that will encourage and inspire my readers.

Before submitting your post for consideration, please make sure you have read and are following these guidelines to maximize your chances of getting accepted:

  • I may choose to not publish your post. It all depends on your content. I will review each post that has been submitted and choose whether or not to publish it based on how well written it is, how relevant to my site it is and whether it is a unique piece of writing. If I do not accept your piece, go ahead and submit it to a few other sites. You never know, what isn’t right for Homemakers In Action may be perfect for someone else’s blog! Don’t give up.
  • Please keep your post relevant. You may choose to post about anything centered around homemaking, parenting, marriage, healthy living, organization, family finances, frugal living or self-care. Please do not submit posts about a topic I do not cover on this blog.
  • Please be involved in the site. If you have obviously been reading, commenting and getting involved on this site, then you will be given preference over someone who is just submitting to hundreds of sites.
  • Your post must be original. It must not be published anywhere else online.
  • Think about your layout. Posts with bullet points, lists and short paragraphs are much easier to read than block text so consider this when writing.
  • Please spell and grammar check your work. I don’t have time to go through and edit all of your writing. Please make an effort to check your post before submitting.
  • Make sure links are valid. They must click through to a working, valid site that is relevant to your post. Affiliate links are permitted as long as they are relevant.
  • Please do not include photos or pictures. The only exception to this is the photo you wish to be used for your bio. I obtain my photos from very specific sources due to copyright laws. Any photos or pictures included in your submission will not be published.
  • Remember to fill out your bio. There is a form below for you to fill out. This is important because it lets readers know who you are and how to find out more about you.
  • Homemakers In Action does not offer payment for guest posting as of right now. 

If your post is accepted, you can expect to see it published within two months. I will do my best to notify you by email within 2 weeks whether your post has been accepted or not. I will also let you know as soon as possible what date your post will be going live.