You may have noticed me talking a little bit (okay, a lot) about my brand new program ‘From Frazzled To Fabulous’ lately. And I could go on all day about how I think it’s the best thing since sliced bread, but would you actually believe me? Probably not. Of course I’m going to say that about my own program.

So to be fair to you lovely ladies, I thought I’d write a quick blog post to help you decide whether the investment is REALLY worth it for you.

Because believe it or not, I’d rather not have loads of students enrolled if they aren’t going to actually get value from what I have to offer. I myself am crazy excited for the program, but it’s definitely not for everyone, and that’s okay 🙂

Read through this post, check out the details over on the main page and make an informed decision before you lay down any of your hard earned bucks.

Is FFTF really worth it?

Maybe. Some ladies have absolutely loved it and said that it has completely changed their lives. Others have come away from the program feeling less enthusiastic because it just wasn’t for them.



So, what actually IS the program?

It’s an online course that teaches busy mamas how to manage their time effectively, so that they can pursue their big goals without sacrificing time with their families. Through video lessons, PDFs, an online community and live one-on-one coaching, we will:


  • Set goals and priorities
  • Create routines and schedules
  • Set up a planning system with effective to-do lists
  • Clear the clutter from our homes and our minds
  • Learn housekeeping hacks to spend less time cleaning
  • Find new ways to spend time with our families, our faith and our passions
  • Discover how to make time to look after ourselves
  • Create an S.O.S kit for those days when we just don’t feel like adulting


The part that I get most excited about (and the part that the ladies who have taken the program said was their favourite) is setting a big goal and creating a 3 month plan to achieve it. We break the goal down into specific actionable steps, so that we are consistently moving towards it. It was so much fun seeing everyone make progress that they never thought they could make!

Okay, got that straight? An online course complete with private community and live one-on-one coaching, for the price of £97 / $126 (at the time of writing this post – prices are subject to change) So, is it right for YOU? Let’s figure that out…


Have you already got a planning system that you adore?

While this course does cover things like time saving hacks and de-cluttering, a huge part of the program is setting up a planning system with new routines and schedules. I suggest new ways to do things, and you NEED to be open to trying them out in order to get the most out of the program. If you don’t think you’d be open to change when it comes to your planning system, then it probably won’t be a perfect fit for you.


Have you just given birth?

If you are in those early days of breastfeeding and sleepless nights, then might I suggest you ignore this program for the time being. Let it go. This is not the time for you to be implementing new routines and strict schedules into your life. Those early days NEED to be led by baby. There will be other years.


Are you scared of missing out?

One thing I don’t want to happen is for people to enrol just because they don’t want to feel left out. I got a message from a lady the other day saying all of her friends were thinking about signing up but she wasn’t too keen on the idea. And you know what I said to her? Don’t feel like you have to follow the crowd. As I said before, I only want ladies in this program who really WANT to be there. Sure, I may lose a few bucks by not having someone enrol, but at least they’re not going to regret spending money on one of my products.





Do you hate watching videos?

Then I’ll be honest, this program probably isn’t for you. Although there are PDFs to work through, the bulk of this course is made up of video trainings and live coaching which is… guess what… in video format! If you’d rather read up on time management, there are tons of books out there that would be just perfect for you!


Can you commit to an hour and a half a week?

That’s roughly the amount of time this program will take you. Although you will have lifetime access when you join the program, so it’s not the end of the world if you fall behind, we will be going through it together in the community. To get the most out of the program you really want to be setting aside that hour and a half to work on your skills. Honestly ask yourself… Am I going to purchase this course and then never come back to it? The only way to truly see results is to put the work in, so just be aware of that.



If you love video trainings, are open to change and can commit to spending an hour and a half a week investing in yourself, then this program is 100% for you! But if that’s not you, move on. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing. There will always be more resources out there that are more suited to you. Don’t fret, I won’t hate you if you don’t enrol! Promise! <3 The only thing I will say is if you do end up deciding it’s a good fit for you, commit to it. The more effort you put in, the more transformation you will see in your life.



And if you DO decide to enrol, here are the bonuses you’ll get…




The Home Management Binder by Homemaking Ministries (Value $19.95)
A beautiful binder to keep your home organised. It includes to-do list dockets, children’s chore charts, meal planning sheets, budget trackers, cleaning schedules, a prayer journal and much, much more.



5 Days To A Better Morning by Crystal Paine (Value $8)
From the creator of the hugely successful course ‘Make Over Your Mornings’ comes this wonderfully actionable eBook. Within ‘From Frazzled To Fabulous’ we talk a lot about the importance of morning routines, and this book will help you to dive even deeper.



I hope you appreciate that I have been very open and honest in this post. I mean it when I say I don’t want people enrolling who don’t really want to be there. I’d rather have five super engaged students who really take the lessons and transform their lives, than a hundred ladies who enrolled without really thinking about it.


As always, if you have any questions at all about the program, you can email me at becca@homemakersinaction.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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