Over the past 5 weeks we have been diving deep into the lives of work at home mamas, talking about the struggles and joys, why we chose to do it and our top tips for any ladies out there considering doing it. If you’ve missed anything, don’t worry your little head about it! You can catch up on the previous episodes here:

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Now, to wrap up this series we are going to be sharing what a day in our lives as work at home mamas looks like. Despite what you may think, we do NOT spend our days watching Netflix, painting our nails and drinking fruity cocktails. Oh no sirree…

Becca Day – Mother to one-year-old Élise

I work 30 hours outside of the home and about 15 hours at home doing virtual assistant work, in addition to running this blog / YouTube channel / podcast. It is A LOT and having a toddler around makes getting the work done super difficult, so I have to prioritise how I am spending her nap time. As much as I would love to take a nap myself, it is my ONLY chance to get shiz done! Hopefully come the end of this year I’ll be giving up my day job, which should lighten the load slightly.

A Day In My Life

Note: I don’t really have an ‘average’ day since my work hours and my husband’s work hours vary dramatically, but this will give you a good idea.

6am: I always set my alarm to get up at 6am because getting up before my daughter is the only way I can get in a good mindset for the rest of the day. I’ll head on downstairs, make myself a big ol’ cup of coffee and settle myself at the dining table. I am trying to make a daily habit of bible reading and prayer, but it doesn’t always happen. Must try harder! I’ll then start some work. Usually it’s just admin type stuff since I’m still half asleep.

8am: Bubba wakes around this sort of time. I shut the laptop down (not to be switched on again until naptime!) and go to change the first pooey bum of the day. Then it’s downstairs for breakfast, and I’ll usually have a podcast playing while we eat. Hubby never eats breakfast so he tends to sleep in.

8.30am: Around this time I’ll hear hubby moving around upstairs so I’ll fix him a coffee. Once he’s up and bubba has finished her breakfast I’ll take her back upstairs, where we’ll both get dressed and washed. She tends to be quite mild-tempered at this time of day, so she’ll happily play on the bed while I do my makeup. A quick brush of the teeth and straightening of the beds and we’re ready for the day! Sort of.

9am: If I’m working a day shift I’ll head out around 9am. If not, we use this time just sort of keep ourselves busy. We’ll play (I’m currently desperately trying to encourage her to walk – lazy little so and so!) and I’ll get some chores done like wiping down the bathroom, hoovering and putting on a load of laundry. Bubba is super sweet at the moment and will quite gladly take a baby wipe and attempt wiping down the surfaces with me. At some point Peppa Pig usually makes an appearance on the TV (yes, I know, bad mummy!) and the three of us will snuggle up on the sofa.

12pm: Lunch time! This is normally the most difficult meal of the day because it doesn’t matter what bubba has, she will try to steal our food. Even if she has the same thing! Once lunch is done I’ll wash up and then it’s another bum change and nap time. Hallelujah!

1pm: Bubba sleeps for a good two hours, and this is my time to get the bulk of my online work done. I’ll try to prioritise so that I get the most important stuff done first, and then IF I have time left over I can get some extra bits done. If I’m working my day job I miss out on this time, which means I then have to do it all in the evening. Boo!

3pm: Little Miss is stirring and it’s time to go back into mum mode. I desperately try to resist the temptation to check my emails. More playing, more walking attempts, more Peppa. I do try to take her out in the afternoons. There’s a park near by that we love going to, but it is just so darn cold at the moment! I’m very much looking forward to the warmer summer months.

5pm:  Dinner time for bubba. At the moment we’re not eating dinner as a family because Sam and I both enjoy eating later, but I do think this is something we are going to have to change soon. I love the idea of family dinner time. At the moment though I’ll sort some food for Élise (usually whatever we had the night before) and then wipe down the highchair with an antibacterial wipe.

5.30pm: We like to have snuggles on the sofa before bubba goes to bed, and will often use this time FaceTime one of the nannies. We like to try to wear her out a little before bed time, and Sam will often chase her round the living room.

6.30pm: Time for bubba to have her bath. We’re having to wash her in super moisturising bath oil at the moment because of her eczema, and then dry her really thoroughly with a hairdryer. She hates it so bath time is often a bit of a struggle. Once she’s in a clean nappy and her pyjamas I’ll fix her a bottle and read a book with her while she drinks it. Then it’s time for bed about 7pm. Luckily, she’s an angel when it comes to going to sleep.

7pm: Back downstairs and now I need to feed US! We’ll either eat dinner at the table or on the sofa watching a bit of TV (bad habits, I know) and then once the dishes are washed and the kitchen is wiped down we like to have some quality husband and wife time. If I didn’t get all of my work done during her nap, I’ll get it done now.

11pm: I am trying to implement a strict power down rule at 11pm. No more work, no checking my emails one last time, no social media. It’s hard, and I have been known to keep working until 3am, but I just try to remind myself that if I don’t get up at 6am my entire day will be thrown out of whack. I’ll get out my planner and write tomorrow’s to do list, pack my bag ready for the following day and make myself a hot drink. Then I take off my makeup (if I remember!) and snuggle into bed with a book.

Sara Robinson – Mother to a four-year-old boy and a one-year-old boy

I’ve always known that a typical 9-5 job wouldn’t work for me. I wanted a career that was rewarding but also gave the flexibility to be around quite a bit to raise the kids I hoped we would have one day. When I found the field of Sport Psychology, I knew that I had found a career that would be enjoyable while giving me time for family and fun.

In 2012, six years after receiving my MA in Sport Psychology and working as a Mental Skills Coach, teacher, and writer I became a mom for the first time. When my first son was about a year and a half I had the idea to combine forces with some of my professional mom-friends to create a support network for other moms, especially those trying to balance all of the aspects of their busy lives. Two years later, after our second son was born in 2015, this idea evolved into Get Mom Balanced.

A Day In My Life

Our day usually starts about 7:00am when our older son wakes up. We let him play educational games on the Kindle because both my hubby and I stay up late and we’re not ready to get up yet!

About 7:45 our younger son wakes up and we all start getting out of bed and getting started for the day. Our older son goes to pre-school four mornings a week so we’re usually getting him ready and out the door.

My husband doesn’t leave the house until about 11am most weekdays so he hangs out with our youngest while I start to get some work done around 8:45/9am. I usually get about an hour to an hour and a half of work in before he goes to work. If I’ve published a blog post that day, I usually focus on promotion of that post. I also check freelance writing boards and influencer networks each day so I tend to do this in the morning as well.

After my hubby start to get ready for work my little guy and I hang out and play or run errands. After pre-school pick up and lunch, my little guy takes a nap and my older son gets some (probably too much!) TV time. This is when I sit next to him on the couch and work. This is when I do tasks like writing for the blog, tackling freelance writing and editing assignments, and grading papers for the course I teach. I’ll also respond to emails during this time.

Once the little guy is up from his nap, we’ll all hang out together: play, go to a class, do a playdate. I’ll often check social media and emails during this time but I’m trying to be good about that!

We do dinner around 6 and bedtime at 7 and 8. After that it’s back to work for me. I usually work at least another hour and a half, but sometimes more. This is often when I’ll load in the blog posts I’ve written, including graphics and trying to do SEO for the post. I also finish up with any social media promotion I’m doing for the day and make sure I’ve supported my fellow bloggers. Some days I have more energy and focus than others so I might work until 10 or 11. Most nights I seem to work another hour and a half or so before I start losing focus. I tend to stay up until 11 because I have a guilty pleasure of reality TV and this is my me-time.

I tend to work in a similar schedule most days of the week. My hubby is typically off during the week so on at least one of those two days I tend to do a bit more work because I’m often feeling behind. I try to focus more on family the other day he’s off, but I still generally have work to do. I’m trying to create more balance with that but with two young kiddos, it’s a challenge having enough time. I also work as a Mental Skills Coach so some days I go and meet with clients or have Skype sessions from home. One day a week I leave the house to teach a course in an MA Sport Psychology Program.  I do work seven days a week, but for me it works because I also play seven days a week.


Stacy Taylor – Mother to two boys under two

After having our first child and the age of 30 I decided to take a year off of work to stay at home and enjoy my bundle of joy. The day my baby turned 8 months old I found out I was pregnant again. I am now the Proudest mother of two boys, two under the age of 2.

As a stay at home mother now, I feel I have the best job in the whole world. I have never been one to stay home, so to fill my time I love doing crafts and projects, and I also make some extra income by blogging, babysitting and cleaning houses. Blogging is my passion and I cant wait to see what this adventure holds!

A Day In My Life

5:30: I wake up and kiss my husband goodbye as he leaves for work. It’s time to start the coffee, so I can start my day.

6:00: Both my kids wake up. I always go jump in bed with them and shower them with morning kisses. We lay around for a half an hour and watch Sesame Street.

6:30: The mother of the boy I watch arrives and we start our babysitting day. I take care of diaper duties, Get the kids dressed, and then start breakfast.

7:00: We sit down and eat Breakfast.

7:30: All the kids play while I start laundry. I throw a load in to start, I will go back periodically throughout the day to dry, fold, and begin new loads.

8:00:  is when the our favorite cartoons come on. We will all grab our pillows and cuddle on the couch to watch tv. It’s usually Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, UmiZoomi, or Paw Patrol.

9:00: I cut up fruit for the kids to snack on while they are playing. I get dressed, get the beds made, clean up the bathroom, pick up our bedrooms, and put away laundry.

10:00: I usually start promoting my blog and interact on social media. I’m usually carrying my phone around while I’m picking up the living room, loading the dishwasher and sweeping the floors.

11:00: I Start preparing lunch for everyone. Which today is grilled cheese for the boys, baby food for my youngest, and sandwiches for my husband and I.

11:30: My husband comes home for lunch. We all sit down and eat together. He usually has to scarf it down and run back out the door.

12:00:  I get the kids settled in for nap time. Everyone grabs their pillows and blankets and head to our sectional. I will rock the baby to sleep first while the boys watch cartoons. Once the baby is asleep, I turn the tv to my show and the boys will roll over to nap. (This doesn’t happen everyday, but it’s pretty consistent.)

1:00: While the boys are napping I work on the house work, blogging, and any bills that need attending to..

2:30: The kids are usually waking up and we have snack and play time.

3:00: My day completely stops, besides the children. I watch the Steve Wilkos Show. This is the one show I sit down and watch everyday.

4:00: I Start Dinner. My husband comes home at 4:30 so I usually try to have dinner waiting on the table when he arrives or shortly after.

5:00: We all gather at the table to eat dinner.

6:00: I go and do my side job, which is clean houses. My husband stays home with the kids.

8:00: It usually takes about 2 hours to clean the house, then I head to the grocery store to pick up food and supplies.

8:30: I get home and bathe the kids if my husband hasn’t already done it.

9:00: I lay the kiddos down and we say our Prayers and then I tuck them into bed. My husband or I will lay with them until they fall asleep.

9:30: I try to clean up dinner and the kitchen before I call it a night, I will check in on social media.

10:30 – 11:00: My husband and I head to bed.

Every two hours after that I wake up for nightly feedings with the baby. When I get up for those I will let the dogs out to go pee. Then back to sleep.

5:30 AM: We do it all again 🙂

Andrea Kelly – Mother to seven-month-old Levi

I am a new mama to a spirited baby boy. I’m married to a hardworking, amazing man and we also share a spoiled rotten golden retriever mix. We are enjoying our new role as parents to an actual human baby and are learning new things everyday! I never knew it would be this hard to be a parent, but I also never knew that I could love someone this much!

Levi made his debut in June and our lives have been crazy since. After leaving my job as a property manager and becoming a new stay at home mama I felt like I needed something. It’s hard to explain but I needed an outlet, a focus, a goal. That’s what my blog is to me. Something that I can grow and share with you.

A Day In My Life

A day in the life of a WAHM- a glimpse into my daily life as I take on running a household, raising a 7 month old, being a Lipsense distributor, a mom blogger and a new real estate agent.

4:45 – Wake up to a screaming baby Levi. This is unusual because he is always so happy in the morning and plays in his crib for a while before I even realize he is awake. Glance at my phone to realize it’s only 4:45. Yikes. Levi has been sleeping through the night for a few weeks so this is odd. Rush up to check on him and I cannot calm him down. The boob is the only thing that will shut him up. So he gets the boob. I know I shouldn’t give in, but he’s teething. I’m a sucker! #momguilt

5:10 -Levi falls asleep nursing so I lay him back in his crib and head downstairs for a few minutes of sleep before waking up my husband for work. I normally wake him up at 5:30 but this morning he is going to have to hustle because Mama needs a few more zzz’s

5:45 – Wake husband up, but I decide to take advantage of a sleeping baby and sleep “in”

6:45 – Levi is up for the day so Mama is too, change his diaper and take him downstairs to have some play time with Daddy before he leaves for work

7am – Nurse Levi, chat with husband, agree it’s a drive thru breakfast kind of day for him since I won’t have time to throw something together, feel a sting of guilt that I’m a terrible wife, kiss husband and he’s out the door

7:30 – Coffee for Mama, Good Morning America on the TV (a day behind because we are cheap and don’t have live TV, Levi plays in his musical entertainer for 15 minutes, then some floor play with Mama

8:15 – Put Levi down for a nap and get to work on the blog- time to work!

8:30 – Not happening- Levi is refusing his nap so I pick him up from his crib and we do some flash cards on the floor

9am – Finally get Levi to nap. My BFF calls, talk with her while trying to decide which times would work for me to take my real estate salesman course. A) Can I bring my baby? B) Do you have a nursing room NO and NO? Sign up for the 5:45pm-9:45pm course. That will be FUN!

9:30 – Work on social media promotion for Messy Nest Mama- Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Then I start working on next weeks blog post- I create an outline first to get my thoughts together and then begin writing the article

10am – Levi is up from his nap, only got a few sentences for my blog post but he’s hungry so I nurse him then we head downstairs and I make breakfast while Levi watches from his high chair. We eat eggs for breakfast. I make 3- one for me, one for Levi, and one for the dog. I try to get Levi to eat some yogurt, but he’s not feeling it

10:30 – Play time upstairs in Daddy’s man cave. It has carpet so it’s the perfect place for Levi to roll around, work on crawling without me having to worry about him busting his head open. I bring my laptop up and work on the blog post in between playing with Levi and stealing his kisses

11:40 – Levi is down for his second nap of the day. I work on laundry and clean up the kitchen

12:30 – Levi is up from his nap so I nurse him, then he plays on his toy mat while I empty the dishwasher and catch up on emails

1:15 – We head outside to play fetch with our dog, after we come in I check Levi’s temperature because he’s a little cranky. Temperature is good. Just a little Crankasaurus today.

2pm – Put Levi down for his last nap of the day then finish up the blog post and create graphics for the post.

3pm – Levi is up from his nap so we play with blocks. I build and he destroys!

3.30 – I feed Levi his bottle. We went through a three month battle with him not taking the bottle so I make it a point to give him one every day so he doesn’t “forget” how to take one

4pm – We spend a little time soaking up the sunshine on our screened porch and play with some toys on the couch

5pm – I feed Levi his favorite “dinner”- oatmeal. I really don’t get how he likes this stuff so much- it’s so bland.

5:15 – Daddy’s home! Levi plays with Daddy while I throw a quick dinner together- Meatball Sub Bake and salad

5:45 – My husband and I give Levi a bath. We chat about our day. Levi loves to “swim” in the bath tub.

6pm – I nurse Levi while responding to Instagram comments from blog readers

6:30 – We read books and it’s off to bed for Levi!

6:45 – My husband and I eat dinner and watch an episode of Lost. That show is bananas- why did I love it so much back in the day?!

7pm – Work on a giveaway for the blog and plan a Lipsense Facebook party that I am hosting later in the week

8:30 – Respond to blog comments, work on designing graphics for blog posts

10pm – Crash!

And do it all over tomorrow! It’s a whirlwind but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love being able to be home with my son and do what I love. Life is good for this WAHM! Crazy, but good.

April Walker – Mother to a two-year-old, a five-year-old and a seven-year-old

I have been a daughter since 1981, a wife since 2006, a teacher since 2008, and a mom since 2009.  I began my blogging adventures back in 2008 as a way to keep in touch with family and friends around the country, while I was on bed rest with my first born.  As it turns out, being confined to your left side for several months (while your belly grows something that feels the size of an elephant) is hard work…. And produces a lot of blog-worthy stories!

I have been blessed with good fortune as a writer, having been published on sites such as Scary Mommy.

A Day In My Life

A few things about this particular day. My husband was in town, which he isn’t always as he travels for work. We have evening activities anywhere from 2 – 3 nights a week, one of which was this day. A typical bedtime for the kids is usually around 8pm, but is sometimes later due to evening activities and if ALL kids have to go with or if hubby and I can split duties.

5:20am – Hubby wakes up to run/ get ready for work. Since it sounds like a grizzly bear is on a hunt around the room, I wake up too 🙂
6:30am – 7:00am – Time to wake up!
7:30am – 8:30am – A child wakes up. It isn’t always the same child, but at least one wakes up. Once one awakens, the other two are usually not far behind. Eat breakfast.
8:30am – Breakfast clean-up, kids get dressed, brush teeth, get ready for their day
8:50am – Start the “get out the door” nagging
8:57am – Get #1 on the school bus
9:30am – Drop #2 off at preschool
10am -11:45am – “Terrific Two’s ECFE class for #3.” This is a parent/ child class so we go and leave together.
12:00pm – Preschool pick-up for #2
12:15pm – Lunch with the littles
1:00pm – Clean lunch dishes/ organize kitchen (Kids play independently)
1:45pm – Read books, color, paint, play doh
2:30 – 3:50pm – Outside time (stroller rides, park time, bike rides)
3:52pm – #1 arrives home from the school bus
4:00pm – Quick snack and outside play (depending on whether)
4:30pm – 5:30pm – Dinner prep, homework help
5:30pm – 6pm – Dinner once hubby gets home
6pm – Dinner clean-up, wash dishes
6:20pm – Swim lessons for all 3
7:45pm – Baths/ showers for the kids
8:00pm – Night jobs (brush teeth, set out clothes for tomorrow, pack school snacks, get snow gear in bags)
8:15pm – Bed time books
8:30pm – Lights out for the kids
9:00pm – The kids are actually ASLEEP…. Time for mom to work!
9pm – 10pm – Sort emails. Respond to blog inquiries (sponsored posts, product review, etc.)
10pm – 12pm – Content writing for various sites I am associated with, including graphics and design work
12pm – 1am – Finalize posts and make submissions…. Also, late night chips & salsa snack with MORE wine 🙂
1:30am – Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


What does a day in YOUR life look like? Let us know below!


I'm Becca! I found myself flung into the world of changing nappies and trying (and failing) to run a home when I was just 20 years old. I started Homemakers In Action to help others out there who are struggling to find their inner domestic goddess.

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